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Lunches, lovely to lazy

K’s been in school for three weeks now, and so I’ve got some bentos to show you. Some are works of art (if I do say so myself); others are appealing only because of colourful produce, and still others are downright lazy and visually boring. Take a look:

Clockwise from top left: Coronation grapes, rolled up roast turkey slices with flower-cut pita on toothpick stems; grape tomatoes; corn on the cob with flower-cut carrots and circle-cut kohlrabi; deli mustard for dipping.
Clockwise from top right: soy butter and banana "maki" rolled in pita; baby carrots; dried cranberries; "triangle cheese"; Italian plums; bear-cut kohlrabi
This one was for pizza day, so it just needed to be a good accompaniment to a slice of pizza. From left: celery, yellow peppers, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, coronation grapes.
Clockwise from top left: basmati rice, sliced carrot, lentils in wine sauce, yellow pepper (mustache), red pepper (mouth), apple (cheeks/face), fusili pasta for filler.
Turkey schnitzel mountain, coronation grape ocean/sky, apple-cut boat, broccoli trees, person-cut red pepper, basmati rice path.
Ah, the visually boring. I just got too lazy to figure out different colours. Clockwise from top: Soy butter on (tiny) Italian bread, white mushrooms, "triangle cheese", homemade applesauce, baby carrots.

And I just now realized that the boring bento isn’t even fully necessary for tomorrow – it’s pizza day again and she really just needs some sides. Excuse me while I go re-pack.

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