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Work-in-Progress Wednesday – sprained ankle edition

Whew – what a week! What with N deciding to walk and climb independently, Mr. December going back to work, and K being clingier than usual, it’s amazing that I’ve gotten something done.

As of posting time I don’t see anything from Lisaleh, so we’ll all just have to hound her. Hanna just let me know that she’s taking a vacation from the electronics in her life. So it looks like WIP Wednesday is just me this week.

Want to join me and feel good about being productive? Check out this post for more information about how it’s done.

Almost completed! Kids’ wardrobe makeover

Sadly, I have no photograph to show you as yet. But the piece has been fully painted and all the rails, drawer, and shelves installed. I just have to attach new knobs to the drawer (I’m thinking of painting some with silhouettes of socks and underwear to remind K of what’s inside) and move it back into the kids’ room. Oh, and I have a bit of patching to do with wood filler. But then phase one will be done, and I’ll be ready to ask your opinion on phase two – what to do with the back of the unit? Right now it’s just the regular thin hardboard that IKEA uses as backing for all its bookcases. Should I upholster it? Paint it? Turn it into a small bedroom library by outfitting it with book ledges? Help!

In progress: Healing this ankle

Yeah, seriously… I’m not committing to any projects this week because I really, REALLY need my ankle to heal. I might try to catch up on paperwork and filing, or maybe do some more sewing and finish all the placemats I want to make for K. But I just won’t commit right now. I hope that by next Wednesday I’ll feel up to building a toddler bed for N and possibly doing a makeover on my ugly glider rocking chair.

For now, I hope you’re all getting in the mood to be productive. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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