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WIP Wednesday – August 24 edition

Welcome back to WIP Wednesday!

First of all, I want to congratulate Hanna on tackling one of those not-so-much-fun but very necessary projects. Check out her beautiful new kitchen and the well-organized appliance manuals here. Her site isn’t set up for comments, but feel free to comment on this post and I’ll make sure she reads them.

Lisaleh has been sewing like a madwoman, and this week she’s showing off the progress she’s made on a romper for her baby. When she’s done, her next job is to teach me how to read a pattern… I love overalls and rompers for toddlers, and I’m itching to make N one out of an old sweatshirt that Mr. December never wears.

I also learned from Lisaleh’s post that I apparently didn’t invent the idea of WIP Wednesday… there seems to be a similar thing by the same name among sewing bloggers. Ah, well. Originality isn’t everything… right?

If you want to join these fine productive people for WIP Wednesday, check out this introductory post for all the details.

And now, my contribution:

Completed: Kids’ closet organizer

I’m so sorry, but I don’t have an “after” photo for you. I thought I’d taken one but apparently I hadn’t, and it seems wrong somehow to wake the kids up with my camera’s flash just for the sake of my blog.

But it’s done, it looks good, it’s functional, and I’m happy with it. I will try to add photos to this post tomorrow.

In progress: Placemats and patterns

I’ve finished one lunchtime placemat for K’s return to school. She requested purple and chose the fabric herself. In retrospect, it looks a bit too long and narrow, but testing confirmed that it’s just big enough for a large bento container with some room left over for a drink and a napkin. Have a look:

It rolls up and stays closed with a nifty little belt.
See? It fits her large (also purple) bento perfectly!
Creating a pattern first on grid paper helped me get the mitred corners perfect without a lot of fiddling. The panel in the middle is the same fabric as the belt.










So that’s done. I’m also planning to do a red placemat with dinosaur ribbon trim (we’re going through a dinosaur phase right now) and probably a light blue one with flowered ribbon.

Shelved: baby blanket pattern

I know that I owe a baby gift right now, but I think it’s going to be something other than a blanket. I’ll make the pattern next time I make a blanket, and that’s that.

In Progress: wardrobe makeover

We have a piece of furniture from IKEA that I’m making over into a wardrobe for K and N’s day-to-day outfits. The idea is to have a drawer at the bottom for socks and underwear, then a hanging rod where they can reach, and a shelf on top for sweaters or accessories. Stay tuned for pics…


So… what are you working on this week?

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