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It’s almost lunchtime…

School lunchtime, that is. One of K’s big sources of excitement is that this year she’ll be staying at school for lunch and recess with her class (it’s called the extended half-day option). This means two things:

  1. I need to make her some of her own placemats.
  2. I need to brush up on my packed lunches.

Placemat-making will commence tomorrow, once K has chosen the fabric and trim that she wants. Lunch-packing has been taking place intermittently over the summer – whenever we go on an full-day outing, I pack a bento. Here are some neat ones:

Peanut-butter and banana wraps, green grapes (with a flower-cut apple), red pepper strips.
Cream cheese sandwich with flower and butterfly decoration (cut apple and honeydew), watermelon, blueberries in a house-shaped cup, cherry tomatoes, marshmallows as space filler.
Juice box, yogurt in a tube, mini bagel with soy nut butter (decorated with a Pooh Bear candle pick), edamame, watermelon balls. The tiny fork is a cocktail fork from the party supply store.
Sugar snap pea "grass", turkey sandwiches on mini sandwich thins, raspberries, blueberries on a Pooh Bear candle pick, pretzel rings.
Juice box, baby carrots, half a kiwi, mommy-and-baby-cut sandwiches, mixed berries.

So now off I go, to make a list of all the cute/miniature/colourful foods that I need to have on hand this year for lunch packing.

What do you pack for lunch?

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