Work-in-Progress Wednesday – August 17 edition

by Decemberbaby

Posting late, as usual…

It’s Wednesday again! No posts yet from Lisaleh or Bookishima, but maybe they’ll update us in the comments. Also, a friendly shout-out to Hanna, who has declared that she will join WIP Wednesday starting this week… can’t wait to hear what she’s got on the go!

For those of you who want to stop procrastinating and would love to brag about your productivity, check out this post for all the information about WIP Wednesday and how you can join us.

And now on with the show…

Completed: Baby gift

I decided to make a double-sided flannelette blanket for baby Duncan. One side is a sweet pea print in green and yellow, and the other is a green and yellow stripe. Each side has a border made of the contrasting material. I added ribbon loops so that the blanket can easily be attached to toys or to the stroller.

Have a look:

Of course, I do still have another baby gift to make. It dawned on me as I was making this one that I really should just make a pattern first. It would save me all the measuring time and plenty of time when I trim the edges over and over again until it looks straight and square.

(Still) in Progress: Closet organizer

I kind of slacked off on this one because I felt intimidated by the prospect of doing rip cuts on my dad’s radial saw. I kept imagining all manner of horrible things that could happen if I changed the blade incorrectly or didn’t lock the machine in the “rip” position. I finally braved the saw and made my first unassisted (by dad) rip cuts. Success! I was even clever enough this time to set up a jig so that the dadoes (i.e. grooves) and the hardboard dividers would all match up perfectly.

I suppose I could have come home and just installed the shelves, but they’re made of reclaimed plywood and they definitely looked grungy. They’re drying as I type, after a coat or two of paint left over from our kitchen and bathroom renovation (four years ago). Take a look at how evenly spaced the grooves are, and gaze in awe at the uniformity of the dividers:

My goal for this week (tomorrow, even) is to get these shelves and dividers installed and start on organizing the closet.

In progress: lunchtime placemats

It’s almost back-to-school time. This year K will be having lunch at school a few days a week, and so she’ll need some fabric placemats (I explained about placemats at her school here). Not only will I make her a few placemats in her choice of fabrics, I’ll even create a pattern – on pattern paper! – so that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every single time I make one.

In progress: baby blanket pattern

And speaking of pattern-making, I’m going to go ahead and make a pattern for the double-sided baby blanket so that I can whip those up a little more quickly, too.


I think that’s enough commitment from me. It’s your turn – what are you working on this week?



One Comment to “Work-in-Progress Wednesday – August 17 edition”

  1. I’m here, I’m here! And I posted my WIP and everything:
    I love the baby blanket. Did you use bias tape or did you just sew the border and then sew the two sides together right sides together and leave a hole for turning it inside out? Or some other technique?

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