Work-in-progress Wednesday

Work-in-Progress Wednesday – how it works

I’ve had some interest in WIP Wednesday, and someone recently asked for a post explaining how it’s supposed to work. Here it is!

The purpose of WIP Wednesday is to help us get things done by forcing us to set goals and report back to the group when we’ve achieved them.

The scope of WIP Wednesday projects is extremely wide. It goes from the creative (sewing, building, decorating, gardening) to the organizational (de-cluttering, organizing closets) to the day-to-day mundane (filing the bills, cleaning out the car, etc). It could probably include other things I haven’t thought of yet.

Participants in WIP Wednesday can be anyone. There’s no age limit, no gender requirements, and you don’t even have to have your own blog… I’ll help put your post on mine!

So… here’s the how-to for aspiring WIP Wednesday’ers:

  1. If you participated last week, update us on last week’s goal. Tell us what you’ve accomplished, and please add pictures if possible!
  2. Describe your current “project” and set a goal. Your goal should be a discrete chunk of work that you feel you can complete by next Wednesday. You don’t have to finish the entire project in one week, but you do need to decide how much of it you’re going to do this week and make that your goal.
  3. Add pictures if you can. We LOVE before-and-after shots. Include a “before” picture (or “during” if you’re working on a long multiweek project).
  4. Post it on your blog. As I’ve said before, if you don’t have a blog we’ll figure out a way to get your post up on mine (or maybe if there’s enough demand we can start a WIP Wednesday blog with guest posting privileges?). Contact me if you’d like to do it that way.
  5. On your blog, link back to my current WIP Wednesday post.
  6. Let us know where you are. On my WIP Wednesday blog post, comment to let us know that you’re participating. If you have your own blog, leave the link in the comment so that other readers can come and see your work.

That’s it – simple, right?

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