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Work-in-Progress Wednesday – August 3 edition

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel the end-of-summer pressure. Or maybe it’s the end-of-the-pregnancy pressure. Either way, I feel driven to get some serious work done.

A friend recently told me that having project goals and achieving them was really helping her through a major depressive episode. “Yeah, it’ll do that,” I said. “That’s why I started WIP Wednesday in the first place.”

So depressed or not, feeling pressured or not, why not join me and Lisaleh and feel accomplished this week?

Completed (finally!): Felt number cards

Oh boy, I made this job way harder than it needed to be. But the important thing is that they’re done, and K loves laying out the numbers, tracing them with her fingers, and naming the numbers. Also, they look really pretty – I think I’ll use them as décor in the kids’ room (more on that further down). Here are some photos: Whoops, no photos, because our memory stick is full and it’s taking a while for Mr. December to upload it all. I’ll edit and post them tomorrow.

I used basic craft felt for the numbers, and some scraps of old linen for the squares. It felt pretty flimsy, so I added a layer of white denim between the linen layers to stiffen the squares a bit. Embroidering the numbers onto the linen was made a little less difficult by using a bit of fabric glue to affix them in the right position first, and by using a stabilizer fabric so that the linen wouldn’t pucker.

Bottom line: I don’t think I’ll be making felt letters anytime soon. This was a fun craft but I have bigger things to do, which brings us to…

In Progress: Kids’ room closet

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: our home is small by many families’ standards. Most of the time we’re just in the 1100 square feet that our main floor has to offer. We have three bedrooms, one of which is also a corridor to the backyard which makes me hesitant to make that someone’s bedroom (I hate the idea of walking through someone’s space to get in and out of the garden all summer). So the challenge is to make the second bedroom a room for all three kids to share.

Today Mr. December and I moved the furniture around in there to try out different arrangements. We’ve come up with a reasonable one, but storage remains an issue. Of course, there is a terribly underutilized closet in the corner, so the first order of business will be to organize the closet and make the space work harder for us.

I’m thinking of doing some cube-style storage on the bottom for shoes, sweaters, and extra diapers. Above the hanging rail I might try for more cubes to store extra sheets, towels, and baby carriers (slings, wraps, etc). It won’t be a difficult build, but I have to take the time to decide how large the cubes will be, how I’ll be storing stuff in them (boxes or not?), and then I have to buy the lumber. After that, we’re talking an hour or two, tops.

So that’s my project for this week. What’s yours?

2 thoughts on “Work-in-Progress Wednesday – August 3 edition

  1. We’re making play kitchens…I forgot to link up last week but WIP Wednesday really got us going on these! Thank you for calling this serious work. I don’t know if you were serious about the serious, but sometimes I feel like all this stuff I plan and do and enjoy is somehow less than serious, and I kind of needed that reminder.

  2. Kay, now I regret I haven’t taken pictures!
    Sariel and I are having a PURGE-O-RAMA!!! It’s been a crazy, sad, exciting, rewarding experience.
    We’ve been putting it off for ages and it was tough getting through all of the kid and baby stuff we saved from Sariel’s daughter for the child we never had. Much harder than looking at his old wedding album (first marriage) – meh. But we’ve done it! It’s been a Work-In-Progress for over a month but tomorrow is Wednesday and we should be putting the finishing touches on tomorrow. By the end of the week, the house goes on the market….and the next phase begins!
    Thanks for the inspiration! (And sorry I practically wrote a blog post on your blog!)

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