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Road trip!

Yes, a road trip. With two kids under the age of 4. Should be interesting, yes?

It takes roughly 5 hours to drive from Toronto to Montreal, but we’ll have to make more stops than usual to let the kids stretch their legs and move around a bit… not to mention time for diaper changes and potty trips. In an effort to stave off whining and moaning, I’ve prepared a bunch of surprise “gifts” for K to open – 5 in total, one for each hour on the road:

  1. Digital camera (a kid one, of course)
  2. Sticker album and reusable stickers
  3. Toy car (she requested one, actually)
  4. Washable markers and some blank paper
  5. Play mais (corn-based puffs that stick together when wet) and a small damp sponge in a tupperware
  6. Foam stickers and blank index cards
  7. Wooden blocks
  8. Magnetic dress-up princess tin (as in, the princesses are printed on the tin and their magnetic clothes are stored inside)
  9. Veterinarian kit – doctor bag and small stuffed farm animals
  10. Play-doh, rolling pin, and cookie cutter

You’ll notice that of the first five items, four are things I don’t mind losing. I kept some of the “keeper” toys for the homeward trip so that there’s less chance of them going missing. There’s nothing that can’t be cleaned up with baby wipes, and nothing that could be dangerous if N got his hands on them.

But how, you ask, can K play with a toy car, markers, and blocks in the car? Simple. We bought her one of these:

If you guessed that K requested a toy car after seeing the front of this tray’s package, you’re absolutely right. Kids are so suggestible.

Anyhow, I’m hoping that with the hourly surprise toys, the stop at a petting zoo, and some judiciously applied kids’ music, the trip might actually be fun for us all.

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

2 thoughts on “Road trip!

  1. That’s a REALLY neat carseat! Where’s the petting zoo? (there are animals at the Big Apple, but it’s pretty depressing…)
    Any tips are helpful bc we make that trip (at least the 401 stretch to Ottawa) 1x/yr, usually more.

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