Work-in-Progress Wednesday – July 13 edition

by Decemberbaby

Oh my, it’s Wednesday already, isn’t it?

First things first: hats off to Lisaleh over at Crafting my Mama Leave for an awesome WIP Wednesday post! She’s just taken up sewing and already has a cool drawstring bag to show us.

Now for the part where I hang my head in shame. I didn’t complete either of my goals this week. I bought the door hardware but haven’t installed it yet (although it would probably only take a few minutes… hmm… I think I’ll go do that. Excuse me, would you?)

*20 minutes later*

Hey, folks! It’s time for Work-in-Progress Wednesday: Now with 50% less shame!

Here’s my report:

Completed (just now): Door latch replacement

Up until half an hour ago, we had the usual screen door hardware where you have to apply pressure with your thumb while pulling with the rest of your hand. It’s a feat that only able-bodied people above the age of 5 can accomplish. Woe betide you if you have tendinitis or carpal tunnel or if you’re K’s age.

Problem solved! Have a look:

Hmm, maybe I should have cleaned the door first before installing new hardware. I’m pretty sure that square outline near the handle is dirt.

Anyhow, in the second pic you can see that the latch is released from the outside by just pulling on the handle. I can do it with just one finger. K was in bed when I installed this, but I’m pretty sure that it’ll pass her test as well.

This job should have taken 5 minutes… but I didn’t realize that the strikeplate was just a bit off, and I ended up having to take it (the old one) off and drill through the metal plate to install the new one a fraction of an inch to the right. The end result is wonderful, though: a door that my kid can operate from both sides.

STILL in progress: Montessori fabric numbers

I worked on these quite a bit this week, but I just didn’t get them done.

I did find some lovely old strips of linen in my mom’s fabric stash, and they’ve been cut to size. I also decided to fortify the squares with some white denim so that they’re a bit stiffer and easier to handle. That has also been cut to size. I found a Montessori-type font, printed the numbers, and cut them out of coloured felt. And that’s where it fell apart just a bit.

I thought I was brilliant, using scrapbooking glue (the kind that rolls from a dispenser) to stick the paper numbers to the felt so that I could cut really accurately. Turns out that only works if you remove the paper immediately. I didn’t, and now it’s hard to remove the paper without stretching and distorting the felt numbers. Oops.

So my numbers are currently soaking in water, in the hope that it will dissolve the glue and I’ll be able to salvage them. If it becomes apparent tomorrow that I can’t, I’ll cut out new ones while K is at kindergym.

So here are some pics: a couple of numbers on stacks of linen and denim rectangles, and the “number soup” that I hope will save the day:

Appetizing, isn’t it?

So what are you working on this week? I know some people who are working on some stuff… but they won’t blog it. Why? Do we need a separate WIP Wednesday blog with open posting rights or something?

Happy Wednesday… for another 49 minutes.


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