Some days, life is just wonderful.

by Decemberbaby

Since K’s not doing any kind of camp program this summer, we’re trying to do at least one major outing per week. The first week it was Centre Island. Yesterday we decided to go strawberry picking.

It was less fun than I thought it would be – the kids got bored after 20 minutes of picking and the farm (chosen for the organic nature of its produce and its proximity to the city) didn’t have any other attractions. Nevertheless, we made off with 7 litres of berries. In a brilliant show of spontaneous planning (if I do say so myself), we stopped at a small, free petting farm on the way home. Success! K loved talking to the llamas (“do you wear pajamas?”) and N watched the animals and generally enjoyed lazing around on the grass.

Here are some pics:

Nothing is better after a day in the sun than a nap in a cool room. The kids slept while I made challah and thawed some carrot-ginger soup. Dessert was strawberry shortcake. We even made strawberry jam – one freezer batch, the other canned the old-fashioned way. A hand-picked daisy bouquet graced our Shabbat table, and Mr. December and I said kiddush over cold sangria.

It was simply wonderful. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to polish off the last of the fresh strawberries with some whipped cream before they go mushy.


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