Work-in-Progress Wednesday – July 6 edition

by Decemberbaby

Hi everybody!

(if you responded with “hi, Doctor Nick!” you win the internet. Just saying.)

Apparently it’s Wednesday again. And apparently I missed posting last week. But here we are, chugging along.

I’m not even going to bother with the WIP Wednesday sales pitch today. If you want to join me, I’ll be thrilled. If not, well, I’ll be a meme/feature of one. Whatever. Here’s my contribution to productivity this week:

Completed: Photo editing and printing

I went through the contents of 3 computers (four, come to think of it – I raided my mom’s photos too) and came up with close to 600 pics. Cropped ’em to 4×6 dimensions, dropped ’em off with instructions to duplicate most of them, picked ’em up. I now have 900 prints awaiting their destinies. I’d like to say that I’m going to scrapbook some and organize the others to give as gifts, but I can’t. It just isn’t going to happen this week. As far as I’m concerned, scrapbooking will have to wait for miserable weather.

Completed: Teacher gifts

In the end I didn’t do the fabric book covers. I reconsidered and realized that they’d probably just end up as more clutter… so K and I made challah dough in the morning before school, and at lunchtime I dropped off freshly baked challah for her teachers. Each challah was wrapped in a pretty piece of cloth and accompanied by a handmade card. I actually had the foresight to photograph the cards, so here you go:

In progress: fabric number cards

In Montessori, children learn the numerals by feeling them – tracing along a sandpaper number. The sandpaper provides a “control of error” (i.e. the child easily knows what is part of the numeral and what isn’t) and the tracing motion prepares the child for the motion of writing the numerals later on.

K began working with the sandpaper numbers just before the end of the school year. She’s confidently identifying numbers 1 through 4. While I’m generally a fan of letting the kids play freely, I’ve noticed that K loves this kind of work. And given that she’s not in any kind of program this summer I’m pretty sure that less than an hour of “work” per day isn’t a problem.

And, of course, I got inspired by a blogger – Meg McElwee over at Sew liberated. Her new book has just come out with a whole bunch of sewing projects that kids will adore using. I haven’t gotten my hands on the book just yet, but I was instantly drawn to her “irresistible numbers” – fabric numbers appliqued onto fabric squares. I’m creating my own this week, using felt for the numerals and some soft, smooth linen (ripped up strips from some very old pillowcases) for the squares. In the photo from Meg’s book the numbers are organized/stored using clothespins attached to a pretty branch. I love it!

So by next Wednesday, expect to see some colourful numbers here. As for the branch, I’ll keep an eye out.

In progress: back door hardware

We had an accident last week. K was playing in the backyard, I was in the bathroom and Mr. D was in the basement. Apparently K started calling for us to open the door so she could come in and pee, but neither of us heard her. The result? A puddle of pee on the back porch, and a sad kid.

The problem is this:

Yep, it’s one of those door handles that requires a fair bit of thumb strength to use. K can’t open it from the outside.

The good news is that it’s an easy problem to fix. $15 and a trip to Canadian Tire should get me what I need, and it probably only takes fifteen minutes to replace the thing. I plan to get the kind of latch where you simply pull up on the handle to open it.

I’ll be very relieved when K can go in and out as she pleases.


That’s it for me, folks. What are you doing with your time this summer?


2 Comments to “Work-in-Progress Wednesday – July 6 edition”

  1. Works in progress – the Lazy Family Edition: puddle around pretending to homeschool, open bank account, do MORE laundry (it’ll take the full three weeks to wash all the big kids’ stuff). Go out to Bistro for supper. Done! Projects??? Ha ha ha.

    I love sandpaper letters – the concept, the feel, everything. My children find them less than beguiling, for some reason. Undoubtedly, they’d love them – in sand or fabric or whatever – if they were on another child’s play shelf. Things always have more appeal if they belong to someone else.

    Lazy Mama Tip o’ the Day: Save $ on doorknobs AND toilet paper while keeping that valuable AC in the house: train your children to pee in the backyard!

  2. *giggles at the idea of training children to pee in the backyard*

    Summer in my house? Insane. Getting ready to go tent camping at the end of July. Trying to find a ticket to fly home in August. Juggling work schedules with Hubby. Trying to save money and therefore, we just cut a few corners (e.g., changing phone plans). It’s crazy at the office! (Man, sometimes I wish I could be a SAHM to get things done around my house!) Going to The Wiggles during our week camping (timing sucks, but Petite will LOVE the show). Hoping to meet my new nephew during my time at home. Determining Christmas holidays for family to get together. I’d LOVE to take on the three drawers full of photos that desperately need to be organized. Alas… a project for another day I expect. And oh crap, today the new sales at the grocery store; must find out where I can buy spinach for a decent price!

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