One year old…

by Decemberbaby

One year ago yesterday, N looked like this:

Here he is, enjoying his birthday “party” (cake with the grandparents, decorated so that photo evidence that “yes, we cared enough to throw you a party” would be available later).

Wow. So much growth. Sure, I’ve also been known to gain thirteen pounds in a year, but somehow it’s more impressive when he does it 🙂

N at one year – the highlights:

Food – LOVES avocado, yogurt, and sliced cheese. Eats pretty much whatever we eat, with varying levels of interest. Drinks whole milk.

Play – His favourite activity is pulling out all of the tupperware containers. Sometimes he even tries to nest them inside each other. His favourite toys are the small egg maracas and his baby-sized drum mallets. Oh, and the drum. He loves his drum. He’ll initiate a game of peek-a-boo by hiding his face behind a blanket.

Movement – N crawls strangely. One leg is crawling, on the knee, and the other leg is trying to walk (i.e. weight on his foot). It looks funny, a la Igor in Frankenstein, but boy, is he fast! He can get from the living room to the bathroom before you can say “don’t play in the toilet!”

He can also swim short distances underwater between two adults and comes up smiling. He likes to push his walking wagon. He climbs stairs proficiently but can’t get back down.

And he smiles. His smiles are gorgeous and wide and really just make my day. He loves to give kisses. He babbles constantly and has figured out how to blow raspberries.

I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next…

Happy Birthday, beautiful boy!


One Comment to “One year old…”

  1. Wow, already one year? Where did THAT go? And just think how insane it’ll be this time NEXT year! And he certainly is a beautiful boy! Happy Birthday little one!

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