Menu plan Monday · what's cookin'

The Menu Plan… late.

I’m pretty sure it’s too late to link to Menu Plan Monday this week… but we do need to eat, and I need to grocery shop, so here goes:

Wednesday – Lentils in wine sauce (with a chunk of leftover pot roast for added flavour), basmati rice, roasted carrots

Thursday – Moroccan grilled chicken breasts, citrus-nut couscous

Friday – Quiche, israeli salad, sugar snap peas (from our garden!), corn, challah, carrot-ginger soup

Saturday – Wacky mac in the park

Sunday – Homemade pizza

Monday – Pasta with “meat” sauce

Tuesday – Baked chicken, sweet potatoes, corn

Wednesday – Shawarma-spiced chicken (with leftovers, of course) with pita, hummus, grilled eggplant and fried onions

Thursday – Breakfast for dinner: scrambled eggs with feta, bagels, cream cheese, orange wedges

Friday – Shabbat dinner at my parents’ house

Saturday –Deli meat sandwiches, pickles, maybe chips 🙂

Sunday – I have no idea. Maybe I’ll just take Mr. December out on a date and let my parents feed the kids.

Monday – Hot dogs on the BBQ, buns, corn, watermelon

Well, that looks like a plan. Now off to write the shopping list!

(are you still planless? Check out organizing junkie for other Menu Plan Monday submissions.)

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