goodbye clutter! · Work-in-progress Wednesday

Work-in-Progress Wednesday – June 16 edition

Is it still Wednesday? Phew!

It’s not that I’ve been working under the gun here. It’s more that it was such a beautiful day today, and the flat tire on our bike is finally properly fixed, and I just didn’t have the heart to sit inside on the computer. But here I am, after dark (and after kicking Mr. December’s butt at Agricola), and I finally have some time to sit and tell you what I did this week.

I still have faith that we can turn WIP Wednesday into a multi-participant weekly feature, by the way. Don’t let me down! For starters, post in the comments that you’re going to participate. Then post about it on your blog, with a link back to this post.

Anyhow, here’s mine…

Completed: Calendar corner

Remember the before? No? Here it is again…

As they say on Sesame Street, some of these things just don’t belong here. Things like, oh, the IKEA lantern that needs a new battery, a cellphone that we don’t even have a plan for, a comb, hair accessories, a threaded needle, pieces that got ripped out of a lift-the-flaps book… and those are only the things I can see in this picture. Also, who needs 30 writing implements at the ready? Things had to change, and they did. Here’s the “after”:

See what I did there? Instead of a jumble of clear containers that showed all the mess, I corralled the incoming mail in my back-painted glass vase so that you can’t see the whole jumble of envelopes and papers inside the vase. I also culled the pen collection to the essentials and put those in a small clear vase so that I’m inspired to keep it looking neat. The knitted basket holds notepaper as well as my camera (along with its battery charger and USB memory card reader) and my cellphone. The coloured pens are still stuck to the wall next to the calendar for easy access, the calendar is the same, and I have pretty clips attached to the wall for things like invitations, important paperwork, and cheques to be cashed. Oh, and I wound up the cord for the phone charger and stuffed it inside its own base.

Anyhow, this is the sight that greets me when I walk into my kitchen in the morning. Sigh – I’m loving it, and it’s already inspired me to declutter a few other crazy kitchen counter corners.


Completed (well, sort of): Personal info binders

So, I’ve changed the plan a bit and done one binder for all three kids (K, N, and “little… expecting”) instead of one binder each. They just don’t have that much paperwork yet, and one binder is obviously easier to store. I bought the binders, put in the index tabs and labeled them, and added plastic pockets for card-sized things (like, you know, SIN cards and birth certificates…). But I haven’t actually filled the binder yet, nor have I made one for myself and Mr. December. Nevertheless, here’s the kids’ binder in all its brand-new never-been-used glory:


In Progress: Outdoor chalkboard

We’re going off to a synagogue retreat this weekend, so I’m reluctant to commit to anything big. I’ve got a little project in mind, though.

We have a chalkboard that I saved from the curb on garbage day. It’s obviously from a bar, since at the top it says “Amster’dam good draught”. I plan to paint over the slogan and its accompanying logo, paint the boring black frame, and mount it on one of the fences in our yard. I might even make a little mini-mailbox type container next to it to hold the chalk. Or, you know, I could buy a cheap mailbox and spray-paint it.


That’s it for me, and it’s still Wednesday for another hour and ten minutes. What are you up to this week?

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