Menu plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday – June 13 edition

It’s Monday again? Already?

Last week went really smoothly, what with having a plan and all that. It’s a trend I’d like to see continue. Anyhow, here’s our week in dinners:

Monday – Pasta salad with pesto, chicken, olives, and tomatoes (either sundried or cherry, still haven’t decided)

Tuesday – Lentil soup, falafel, hummus, pita, Israeli salad

Wednesday – Pot roast, vegetarian kishke (baked in muffin cups for the kids and for future bentos), roast potatoes

Thursday – breakfast for dinner: pancakes with fresh fruit

Friday – away at synagogue retreat – yay! someone else is cooking!

Saturday – still on retreat 🙂

Sunday – BBQ, either at home or chez in-laws

Monday – Quick n easy vegetarian chili

I guess that’s it. Gotta run – it’s threatening rain and the diapers are still hanging on the line!

(oh, and if you still need menu inspiration, head on over to organizing junkie to see all the other Menu Plan Monday contributions.)

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