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What Would Abraham Do?

I’ve learned something about my daughter: she’ll do pretty much anything if you convince her that the people in the Torah did it.

This could be good or bad. Isn’t there so much bad behaviour in the Torah? It’s okay, though. I’m convinced I can filter the biblical message just as well as the Church did when everyone was illiterate.

A couple of examples:

K: I don’t WANNA wear sandals! I want my crocs!

Me: But we don’t know where your crocs are, honey. And your sandals match your outfit.


Me: Did you know how appropriate it is to wear sandals on Shavuot? When the Jews were wandering in the desert, and when they were standing at Sinai getting the Torah, they were ALL wearing sandals. Even Moses!

K: Oh… Oh! So wearing sandals on Shavuot is a good idea! (happily puts on sandals)


K: I don’t WANNA wash my feet!

Me: K, you went barefoot in the part of the park where all the little kids pee on the grass. Your feet need washing.


Me: (picking her up and hugging her) Can I tell you a story? Once upon a time, in the the Torah, there was a man named Avraham. Do you know who he was married to? His wife was Sarah. Anyhow, Avraham and Sarah were known for being very good at hachnassat orchim (welcoming guests). And do you know what was an important part of hachnassat orchim? (sits K down on the counter with her feet in the sink) Well, as you know, in the time of the Torah everyone wore sandals. And if you wander in the desert in sandals, your feet get dusty and it feels really icky and maybe even starts scratching you if the sand gets under your sandal straps. So Avraham and Sarah used to greet their guests and say, “wow, you’ve been walking in the desert in your sandals. May we wash your feet for you?” (washes K’s feet with soap and warm water) … and the guests would say, “oh, yes please!” because having enough water to wash your feet in the desert was a real treat. And the guests would feel so good, and that’s how Avraham and Sarah made their guests feel welcome.

K: Oh… oh! That feels so nice to have clean feet!


Now, does anybody have a biblical example that can encourage her not to give up her daily nap?

One thought on “What Would Abraham Do?

  1. Hmm… that could be a tough sell. Even Avraham, 3 days post-op, was sitting outside vigilantly waiting for guests in the hot part of the day. Not a lot of napping going on with the Avos. :-)))

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