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Work-in-Progress Wednesday – June 8 edition

This week Wednesday is coming a little late. We celebrated Shavuot from Tuesday evening until about half an hour ago, so I wasn’t able to post on Wednesday. All the pics and status updates were current as of Tuesday, though, so I met my deadlines.

By the way, I know people are out there, quietly doing their thing… how about bragging about it on your blog or in my comments section? I want more WIP Wednesday participants so that I have more blogs to visit. Pleeease?

And now, the reveal:

Completed: Rock garden stage 1

The entire rock garden, as I envision it, will take us a long time to create. But stage one is done, thanks to Mr. December’s tireless work carting rocks around and digging up the sod. Please excuse the two plastic bags in the background – they’re killing the grass for the next stage of digging.

Here it is…

Not quite completed: Lunchtime placemats

It took me forever to finish the fringes on one placemat because the fabric just doesn’t fray that easily. Lesson learned – from now on, only woven cottons are to be used for placemats. Either that, or I’ll have to abandon my trademark fringe. The other problem also seems related to the fabric I used; the heat-activated adhesive doesn’t seem to stick very well, meaning that the ribbon stripes are starting to come off. They’re sewn into the seams at each end, but I think I’ll have to take a couple of minutes to actually sew the ribbons to the placemat.

I tried to carve out some time to finish these before Shavuot began, but I wasn’t able to.

Here’s a pic of them anyway:


In progress: calendar corner

The tiny corner of my kitchen where the calendar lives is a mess. This week I’m going to organize it so that it becomes almost mess-proof. Here’s the “before”:

In progress: personal info binders

Some people are file folder people while others like binders. I’m definitely a binder girl. My big project this week is to create a binder for each person in our family that can hold school info, medical info, copies of health cards, that kind of thing. It’s not a huge project, but definitely one that needs to get done.

That’s it for me. What are you working on this week?

One thought on “Work-in-Progress Wednesday – June 8 edition

  1. I love the place mats. They are exactly the kind of project I hope to tackle once I learn to use a sewing machine. As for me, I finished my knit dress this week.

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