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Menu Plan Monday – June 6 Edition

I haven’t done Menu Plan Monday in a long time. In related news, I’ve had a hard time thinking of something to cook for dinner every afternoon around 4:30. That needs to change.

This week is Shavuot, the Jewish holiday that celebrates our receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai. For a few reasons that I won’t go into here (you’re welcome to google it), it’s traditional to eat dairy foods on Shavuot. Yes, dairy foods… cheesecake, ice cream, blintzes… yum! It’s going to be a delicious week!

Monday – Homemade schnitzel and chips for the kids. Grilled chicken breasts and roast potatoes for the grownups. Also broccoli.

Tuesday – Shavuot begins at sundown (company for dinner). Soup, quiche, eggplant parmesan, Israeli salad, sugar snap peas, Challah. Chocolate amaretto cheesecake for dessert.

Wednesday – Eggplant parmesan, pasta with some kind of yummy sauce, ice cream for dessert (it’s a holiday, remember?)

Thursday – Blintzes! Mushroom for main course, cheese for dessert.

Friday – Brisket, kugel, sweet potatoes, stir-fried peppers, challah

Saturday – Deli sandwiches, pickles, corn

Sunday – Chicken pesto pasta salad with olives and cherry tomatoes

Monday – Breakfast for dinner – eggs, turkey bacon, toast

If you still need more menu inspiration, check out the other MPM posters at organizing junkie.

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