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It just dawned on me…

Yes, these are our diapers. No, that's not my backyard clothesline. This photo was taken while we were on vacation in February.

Pardon the pun, but I’m really excited about this. So excited, in fact, that I’m sharing it just an hour before Shabbat begins, despite the fact that I’m REALLY not ready for shabbat.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but we cloth diaper. Most of the time. And since Mr. December was determined that it shouldn’t cause him any more work that disposables, we use Bumgenius. They’re shaped like ‘sposies, they have velcro like ‘sposies, they go on and come off like ‘sposies. But they’re made of synthetic fabrics (which help them to be absorbent and to feel drier), and after a while they start to stink. As in, the kind of stink that doesn’t come out in the regular wash.

Last week I finally kicked the stink problem in the rear. The secret ingredient is… Dawn. Yes, the dish detergent. The blue one.

Diaper manufacturers will tell you that if your diapers stink, you need to “strip” them by scrubbing each one with Dawn and then rinsing many times in the machine. I tried that, and the stink stayed away… for a week. Then it came back.

Exasperated, I decided to put a little Dawn straight into the washer. Just Dawn, without any other detergent or peroxide bleach or anything. And you know what? The diapers smell clean. No matter how I throw them into the diaper pail (and boy, are some of them toxic when I toss them in) they come out white and smelling sweet. I think I’m in love. Not to mention that the dish soap cost me $1.29 for a bottle that will probably do about 100 loads of diapers, while the special detergent I was using before is about ten times that cost for about 50 loads. Hooray for cheap!

So yeah, that’s my excitement for the day. I never said my life was newsworthy…

Shabbat Shalom!

(No, I haven’t received any free stuff or promotional items from either Dawn or Bumgenius. But if one or both of them wants to furnish me with free stuff… who am I to argue?)

3 thoughts on “It just dawned on me…

  1. Nice stash! I heard about the dawn solution recently on a cloth diapering forum. Question – are your Bumgenius’ all-in-ones or covers with inserts? I can’t tell from the photo (wondering if what looks like inserts are actually boosters?

  2. Thanks! They’re the Bumgenius 3.0 pocket diapers, so covers with inserts. I like these ones because they fit all sizes… that’ll be very handy when I have two babies in diapers.

  3. I found that Dawn worked very well for me too. After awhile my son who has very sensitive skin had a rash that wouldn’t clear up until I started using Country Save but otherwise I would’ve stuck with the Dawn. I loved that it’s so cheap and you only need a very small amount! I don’t know if you’re through potty training (saw another post re pull ups) I also found that pull ups just don’t work at all. I wound up using cloth training pants.that were made with feel wet fabrics. If you sew (much cheaper to make your own!) you can find patterns online and find one that works for you. .

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