Work in Progress Wednesday – June 1 edition

by Decemberbaby

It’s still Wednesday for another two hours, right?

In WIP Wednesday news, Bookishima had a bit of a setback with her bilingual garden markers, and she tried to call it a fail, but we know better. Right? Sometimes you have to re-tool a project numerous times until it really works. Take my bed, for example. We’ve known for a couple of years that the slat supports were failing, and we tried to fix them – twice. You know how that ended (I told you last week… our bed broke). But last week I committed to really, truly fixing it.

Mr. December and I examined all the options. We took a look at all the directions in which the supports had to withstand force. We debated construction techniques. And then I went down to my workshop and had some fun. It’s my pleasure to present to you…

Completed: Our no-longer-broken bed!

Using lumber that the lovely guys at Lowe’s cut to my specs, I built three rectangular boxes, open on one side. It was another grand opportunity to use my countersink bits, and I enjoyed every moment of it. For those of you who need me to draw you a picture:

Yes, it’s really just a box, reinforced on the ends with a bit of thin plywood so that the legs can’t splay or twist no matter how much force is exerted. As I said, I built three of these. Then we placed them underneath the slats that support the mattress, like so:

See them there? We screwed one or two slats into each box so the boxes wouldn’t slide around. We replaced the mattress. And then K, who was begging us the entire time to let her help, asked if she could jump on the bed. I figured that if IKEA tests their work like this (okay, with machines that don’t pee their pants, but still…) then we could too. Here’s a shot of our Quality Assurance team putting the mattress through its paces:

The bed didn’t creak, groan, moan, or crack. Not once (and that’s a good thing for mommies and daddies who “love each other very much”, if you know what I mean). The mattress no longer dips when we climb into bed at night.  And I no longer fall asleep wondering if this will be the night that I heave myself onto my other side and end up breaking the bed.

Not completed: basement workshop organization

Sorry, everybody. It’s been too beautiful outside, and I’ve been too tired, to spend much time in the basement sorting ten different kinds of drill bits and the like. I’m going to put this project off indefinitely not because I really want to, but because there are a couple of more urgent projects demanding my time…

In Progress: lunchtime placemats

Remember the placemat I made for K’s classmate’s birthday gift? Well, I need to do it again. Three times. K was invited to these birthday parties and then ended up being way too sick to go, which meant that I excused myself from having to pull an all-nighter to make sure that the gifts were ready. But I still want her to give them, and as school ends in a few weeks it really has to be done now. I don’t plan to use up any really nice outdoor time, but the next super-hot day this week will be spent in my nice, cool (messy) workshop finishing up.

In Progress: rock garden plantings

We still have a number of small plants that need to go into the ground, and our rock garden needs lots of work. My clear goal for the week is to get all of the plants into their final homes. Beyond that, I’ll update you on our progress.


Well, that’s it! Don’t forget that you can always join me for a WIP Wednesday. All you need is to leave a comment (or write a blog post) stating what goal you’re going to accomplish by next Wednesday, and link your blog post back to this one so that your readers can get inspired by other WIPers.

Now go forth and get cracking!

One Comment to “Work in Progress Wednesday – June 1 edition”

  1. Mobilfakta (sp?) in action!!! I love it! And I would love a few of those supports for our saggy, baggy queen bed… 😦
    (otoh, it squeaks if you so much as move in it, so probably best to get a new one!)

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