Plant swap, anyone?

by Decemberbaby

I need a plant swap.

I’m feeling too cheap to go and buy a whole bunch of groundcovers and tiny alpine plants, but I need some for the rock garden we want to put in. Yes, a rock garden. We’re just not lawn people, our neighbours are, and I think it would just be simpler if they had something pretty to look at instead of our poorly-tended lawn. Besides, I generally view lawns as a massive waste of resources. Put in some native plants, people!

Back to the plant swap…

I’m looking for some ferns, periwinkle, irish or scotch moss, alyssum, and anything else you think would look good among rocks and gravel. So… if any Toronto-area readers have these things and want to get rid of them, maybe in exchange for some roses or hydrangeas, let me know. I really need a plant fix.

One Comment to “Plant swap, anyone?”

  1. Nothing to swap this year, but my mother went with thyme, which makes a really nice low-maintenance ground cover (except for its irritating habit of sometimes “burning out” in the centre of a clump, but you can always replant). It’s pretty cheap; she went to Humber and got a bunch of plugs of two low, ground covering varieties. Zero mowing, pretty flowers, nice smell! Win, win, win.
    (p.s. Richters might or might not have nice groundcovering thyme for less money than local places…)

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