have you bento my house for lunch?

Even the baby can bento!

It’s been a while since I’ve been motivated enough to make cute lunches, but today seemed like the perfect opportunity: warm enough for a picnic, which of course necessitates packed lunches, which in our house means… bento time!

Since N is eating solid foods by himself now, I figured it was time for his first bento.

Here they are…

This was K's lunch. Clockwise from top left: flower-cut watermelon and leaf-cut honeydew (with a chive for a stem) on a cup of berries, orange pepper strips, round pretzels, grilled cheese wedges topped with butterfly-cut orange pepper.
N's first bento ever! Clockwise from top: blueberries in a bear-shaped cup, peeled orange pepper chunks, honeydew cubes, grilled cheese wedges.
As you can see, N was loving his lunch!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a ton of work to do before tomorrow’s post. My jigsaw awaits…

2 thoughts on “Even the baby can bento!

  1. ok Sara – where do you find the cute containers and cutters (ie for watermelon etc) I have set myself the goal fro Reece this fall in Grade 1 to make 1 bento lunch a week – more if I get good or obsessed! lol!

    1. Taryn – the cutters are mostly from Michael’s – they’re sold in the baking section, I think as fondant cutters (but I could be mistaken). I also have a set of mini cookie cutters from Kitchen Stuff Plus. The teddy bear shaped cup and some of my other cutters are from a specialty Japanese shop – my brother bought them for me, so I really have no idea where exactly they came from. You can order cute bento supplies online, though.

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