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Just a really great day

It was one of those days when almost nothing was so special, and yet everything was.

Mr. December and the kids graciously let me sleep in until 10:15. When I woke up, I took both kids to the grocery store (in the bakfiets!) and shopped. K was so happy, so enthusiastic about everything she saw. We rode back home, an easy ride down a gradual slope. We unpacked groceries. We ate lunch.

(N was offered some delicious and fresh scrambled eggs made with cream. He categorically refused to eat them. Five minutes after I had put him on the floor to play, I heard him smacking his lips. There he sat under the table, happily munching on stale cheerios and pita from goodness-knows-when.)

The kids napped. I cleaned up the kitchen at a leisurely pace while Mr. December mowed the lawn. Since today was Lag B’omer, we set up some flagstones as a makeshift firepit for our playdate later on. I cleaned the backyard toys.

In Israel Lag B’omer is celebrated with bonfires, bows and arrows, and barbecues. At 4:30 some friends from shul joined us for a very small cookout. The kids collected sticks for the fire, we roasted hot dogs, we made s’mores, we taught them to use a bow and arrow (plastic with suction-cup tips, from the dollar store), and had a singalong. The 3-year-olds spent most of their time in the clubhouse, jumping up and down and shrieking. N played with another baby just a month older than he, and tried to eat every stick he discovered as he crawled across the grass. Everyone was sooty and filthy. We had a marvellous time.

Mr. December left to take the kids to the in-laws for a sleepover, and I settled into the hammock for a while. I called my mum. I cleared the patio table. I planted baby corn and potatoes. And now here I am, in a house that smells vaguely of campfire, blogging and making plans for a hot bath.

Too many words. Here are some of the highlights:

"Of course you can take your bows and arrows up into the tower. That's the best place to shoot from!"
"My shirt is stained, my overalls are half-undone, I'm eating a stick, and I have my very own fire. I feel like a real boy!"
It looks like a marshmallow exploded on K's face... sometimes things are exactly as they appear.
N looks like he's singing too.

I hope your day was beautiful too!

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