Definitely the meanest mommy

by Decemberbaby

Actual conversation on the way home from shul (synagogue) today:

K: I’m hungry.

Me: Really? There was so much food at the kiddush. I’m full of lunch. Why didn’t you eat if you were hungry?

K: Because… well, you should have brought a snack for me.

Me: I don’t bring snacks for people who ignore an entire lunch buffet. You get snack at the kids’ service, and there was a whole lunch. It was your choice to eat or not.

K: But I’m hungry!

Me: Then you can have something to eat when we get home.


So that we’re clear, Mr. December filled up a plate for her at shul. She was offered pita, hummus, grape tomatoes and baby carrots, pasta, fruit, and cookies. She chose to eat a bit of watermelon and some of a cookie. After some cajoling, and reminding her that this was lunch (i.e. Mummy isn’t cooking when we get home), we told her it was her choice… and here we have the consequences. Is she too young to learn from them?


One Comment to “Definitely the meanest mommy”

  1. I don’t think it is being mean at all. There was an opportunity to eat that wasn’t taken, that doesn’t mean you have to be a short order cook or do drive-thru because now they have changed their minds…I

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