Work-in-Progress Wednesday – May 18 edition

by Decemberbaby

It’s still Wednesday for a few more hours, right? Sorry to have kept you all waiting…

If you’re joining me for WIP Wednesdays, don’t forget to comment here with a link to your blog and link back from your blog post.

Let’s give a big sweet and crunchy welcome to in our small garden, who joined WIP Wednesday last week with a promise to start some seedlings and make English/Hebrew plant markers. She hasn’t posted yet today, but I hope she does soon.

And now for my contribution.

Completed: Half of my to-do list

Yes, it was uncreative, but I really really needed to knock off some of those items, and it was about time to stop putting them off in favour of more creative stuff. So this week I checked and re-installed all of our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, did the info cards I promised for Beit Halochem, resolved the lawnmower issue, removed the data from my old iMac and set it up for K to use as a DVD player, and went grocery shopping. And then… I mounted the toilet paper.

I know you’re all dying to see where I mounted it, so here are some after pics:

Yes, I mounted the toilet paper in the drawer. It may not look this way in the photo, but it’s actually the perfect distance from the toilet and was the only possible mounting place that wouldn’t require major contortions in order to get some tp. Later we discovered that it works beautifully as a dispenser when the drawer is closed, too. The best thing about it? It won’t get wet, and the kids (especially N) can’t play with it and throw the whole roll down the toilet.

I made the mounting bracket out of a dowel and two scraps of wood using a spade bit, a countersink bit, and my jigsaw (oh, how I love my jigsaw… but that’s another post completely). I’m determined to do more woodworking – I really miss it.

In Progress: Basement storage

My workshop is in desperate need of storage. I have too many tools, screws, fabrics, and notions to mention, and right now they’re stashed wherever I could find space – meaning that I can never find my stuff when I need it. Today I went out and purchased a few Trofast units from IKEA. You know, these ones:

Well, like these ones except twice the height. I bought bins of various sizes and lids for most of them.

My goal for next week is to have all three assembled, filled with (organized) stuff, and labeled. This will involve a little woodworking because I have to do a cutout in the bottom and side of one unit to accommodate our main water line. More jigsaw fun… I can hardly wait.

And now I’ll sign off – it’s nearly bedtime, and I want to get this posted before Thursday.

What are you working on this week?


4 Comments to “Work-in-Progress Wednesday – May 18 edition”

  1. Your toilet paper solution is brilliant! I love that you don’t even need to open the drawer.
    My WIP is a cardigan for my little one. Oh, and finally starting my new blog.

  2. great idea! I successfully cleaned out my desk and it is out of the baby room. My new WIP is to clear out two vegetable patches and plant some tomatoes, basil, kale, and zucchini (plants, not seeds)- I have a pretty black thumb but last year there was an awesome crop of vegetables.

  3. Absolutely brilliant! Now you just have to get out the label maker and put a notice on the outside of the drawer for the people who use the bathroom but haven’t read your blog.

    Btw. Save any major woodworking for when I get back. I miss wood shop, it was my favorite class in junior high!

  4. Aw, and I totally fell off the wagon this week! I’ll be back next week. With printables!

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