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Black and Decker WIN!

I have to say, I love it when I get an intelligent and genuinely helpful customer service representative.

Backstory: last year we bought a cordless lawnmower on Craigslist. It worked for a few months, then started covering progressively less ground until one day it just wouldn’t start. We suspected a new battery was in order.

I called B&D today. After getting redirected a few times, I finally spoke to someone at their office who told me that a new battery would cost $227.72. After my exclamation of “wow”, she pointed out that for $220 I can bring the lawnmower to them and they’ll service it, get the whole thing running like new including any inoperative parts. Wow!

Looks like one of us is making the trek to Mississauga tomorrow so that we can finally start cutting our lawn.

Thanks, helpful Black & Decker employee!

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