Work-in-Progress Wednesday – May 11 Edition

by Decemberbaby

I know you’re out there. I can hear you breathing.

I can even hear you procrastinating, or else being productive and forgetting to brag about it on WIP Wednesdays. I’m cold and lonely and the wolves are after me… please join me by:

  • leaving a comment with a link to your blog
  • posting on your blog about your current project and what you hope to achieve (it can be a tiny goal) by next Wednesday
  • adding a pic to your post, if possible
  • linking back from your post to this one, so that other people can join the party

See? It’s easy! And if you don’t have a blog you can guest post on mine. So… get busy.

Here’s my contribution:

Completed: Preschooler Shabbat Task Chart

This one was pretty fun to do, and pretty easy. Basic clipart, a Word document, and a self-laminating plastic envelope. The magnets are basic round magnets from the office supply store – I measured them, cropped a few photos to the same size and shape, printed the cropped photos on full-sheet label paper, cut them out, and stuck them to the magnets. Voila!

As you might have guessed from the photo, one side of each magnet is a picture of a family member, and the other side is a checkmark. The magnets indicate who is responsible for each task. When the task is done, the magnet is flipped over so that the checkmark is visible. Simple, fun, and it makes me feel organized.

Here’s the pic again, for those who missed Friday’s post:

And for those who just want to copy the image and print it out at home, here’s the chart (sans family members):

(In case I wasn’t explicit enough, you all have my express permission to copy, paste, rearrange, print, and use this image.)

In Progress: Everything!

Like most people, I have a long “to do” list… and, mundane as the tasks are, it’s time I stopped postponing them in favour of more fun projects. So this week, I treat you to a “before” picture of… my to-do list!

(As an aside, I just recently started using this online to-do list program, and I love it. Mr. December can also log in and add items, I can keep all my shopping lists on there (I recently had the most comprehensive and best-organized Canadian Tire run I’ve ever had), and it shows me my “done” items, too.)

So there you have it…

Now for the audience participation – which of these projects (you can choose more than one) do you want to see pics of, come next Wednesday? (please don’t say the messy car)

Now… go forth and be productive… and blog about it… and link back to me… and comment to say you’ve done it… Go!


4 Responses to “Work-in-Progress Wednesday – May 11 Edition”

  1. I vote for checking fire alarms!!
    I have to say I didn’t understand WIP wednesday- I thought you had to accomplish everything on wednesday!!
    I’m going to try to empty out my desk (next step after that is get rid of the desk…)

  2. Seriously? No, WIP Wednesday is just about committing to something publicly. Wednesday is just the deadline and the start of a new commitment.

  3. great project, love the photo magnet idea! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!


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