My other car is a bike.

by Decemberbaby

No, seriously. We finally got our bakfiets (dutch for “box bike”, which is exactly what it sounds like) and it’s already replaced our car for all trips under 5k. I even did the school run (a whopping 15k) by bike yesterday. The kids love it, I love it, we’re outside getting fresh air and vitamin D, and I don’t have to buy gas!

And now, since you have no mental picture of this thing, I’ll give you some actual ones:

N rarely sits on the bench like this - usually he's in his carseat, on the bottom of the box, facing K.

I rode the bakfiets to the hardware store and the grocery store... and managed to fit everything in the box. I rode with the cargo cover on, but took it off for the photo.

What if it rains? Well, I get suited up in head-to-toe raingear, and the kids sit inside the box with its rain canopy. The canopy also keeps it pretty warm in there, so I might use it in the fall when it gets chilly.

Other features of note: aside from the cargo cover (a flat, black fabric cover that conceals the inside of the box) and the rain canopy, the bike has front and rear lights, a fully enclosed chaincase, and 7 gears. The kickstand is huge, and lifts the front wheel entirely when engaged so that the kids can climb in and out without shaking the bike at all. Yes, it’s a bit heavy, but it’s awfully fun to ride. I can’t wait to get back on it… as soon as my quads recover from that 15k…


2 Comments to “My other car is a bike.”

  1. It looks amazing! What a fantastic way to get some fresh air, exercise, and get out to enjoy your surroundings! YAY for the bakfiets!

  2. It Shawna here. You are my hero. I LOVE this. Insanely love it.

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