T minus 42 hours…

by Decemberbaby

That’s all we have left before passover, folks. I mean, technically pesach doesn’t start til it gets dark, but that’s another thing that this family would never ever go for – starting after sunset and eating at midnight.

I haven’t been blogging because all of my waking computer hours have been devoted to creating a haggadah. I’ve finally finished the body of it, and as I type it’s being printed out so I can check the alignment and stuff. I still have to design a cover and cite my sources. And then… off to the print and copy centre to get 24 copies made.

Tomorrow K is with the other grandparents, so I get to spend some quality time in the kitchen with Mum. This year’s debate: is it wrong to serve the quinoa salad cold (guess which side I’m on)? I’m responsible for said quinoa and also for the charoset, maror, karpas, and something else that I’m forgetting. Oh, and I already did the candied almonds. They’re cooling right now.

We usually conduct our seder with everyone sitting around on couches or mattresses with lots of cushions, bedouin tent style. This year Mum is doubtful that we can do it – my big brother isn’t here, and he’s one of the designated “schleppers”. Mum thinks I shouldn’t be lifting anything in my “condition” (that is to say, pregnant) although I hardly think that sliding couches along a hardwood floor with a carpet buffer is any more difficult than hauling K away from the park under one arm while holding N in the other. In fact, it may be easier – the couches don’t kick or scream. Anyhow, there’s no way I’ll agree to go back to the days of conducting the whole seder around the table. Let’s face it – it’s much harder for the complainers to focus on the ceremony when there’s a full place setting in front of them. Besides, as my older and wiser brother once said (actually, he repeated it many, many times), “The mind will not absorb what the butt cannot endure.” Comfortable seating is a must.

The kids and I are staying with my parents this (past) week while Mr. D is off gallivanting with his friends. This situation has led to an important discovery: the perfect adult to child ratio is 2:1. Yes, there are four adults in this house with the two children, and everyone is happy almost all the time. I thought I’d be glad to go home, but aside from the lack of snacky (read: craving-friendly) foods, there is nothing lacking in this house. Maybe I’ll just pack up our stuff and tell Mr. D that we’re moving in.

I do hope to blog again before Monday night, but in case I don’t: I wish all my Jewish readers a happy and Kosher pesach!


2 Comments to “T minus 42 hours…”

  1. Good for you! I am definitely leaning towards getting our seder away from the table. The table is small and we’re miserable squished in there. So why not stretch out a bit on sofas or at least have some breathing room around our chairs? Plus, it’s the one time of year that my mother insists on her rocking chair and REALLY, there is no room for a rocking chair in this room, even a reasonably compact one.

  2. I LOVE the idea of a bedouin-style seder! Do you eat like that too? (Man, that would so not fly in my mom’s house!!) I’m sure my mom will be ready to retire from doing the holidays soon, so maybe we will just be up for a new tradition.
    As for your need of “snacky” food: good thing it’s Pesach- is there anything else to eat other than boxed Manichewitz snacks (macaroon, kichel, etc??) 😉

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