A revolving door of sick.

by Decemberbaby

That’s what it’s been around here. Pinkeye, ear infections, sinus infections, maybe even bronchitis. It’s been ugly and gross and I still feel a bit dizzy when I stand for too long.

Things still need to get done, though. Passover is coming, and with it comes the obligatory cleaning out of all leaven. All floor cheerios, couch crumbs, dried pancake batter smears must all be removed. And really, with a three-year-old who can both access food by herself and ambulate unassisted, there’s no telling where the crumbs might be hiding.

I was trying to work on those maternity jeans for WIP Wednesday, but other things are calling me. I’m still looking for new haggadot and I think I might have to just make my own. I wanted to make Kali an omer calendar, but time is running short so I’d have to start now. As Homer Simpson said, “You can see the bind I’m in!”

Oh, and Mr. December is taking our camera with him to Las Vegas… so it’ll be hard for me to post pictures of what I’m working on. I will eventually, just not this week.

It’s almost 10:00, which means the Judaica store will soon be open. I’ve gotta hustle over there, peruse haggadot, and buy one or two. Happy Monday, everyone!


One Comment to “A revolving door of sick.”

  1. Thank you for the timely reminder – I forgot all about the omer calendar project I had in mind which got pushed off the to-do list last year. Good luck with the haggadot – I have the identical requirements and finally got fed up and made my own in Word. I will be frantically scrambling to finish it and print it double-sided this week, because, you know, I need more things to do.

    Hope the door revolves over to health again soon! And you get to those very happy maternity jeans. (Be-sha’ah tovah!)

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