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Wanted: A new Haggadah for a family tired of the red-and-yellow Goldberg edition.

Must possess the following qualities:

  • Reads right to left, regardless of the amount of English translation. Haggadot that open left to right need not apply.
  • Mostly uses traditional God-language. None of this “we bless the womb of all life” business. My family and guests will laugh that kind of thing right out of the room.
  • Good (not awkward) English translation.
  • Some new/alternate texts (in English) that may generate interest among a crowd of jaded agnostic Jews.
  • A layout that allows for easy reading of the text (no sidebars), i.e. we could go around the table taking turns, and everyone would know exactly where to start and where to leave off.

Attractive layout, illustrations, and pages that don’t absorb wine stains would be preferred, but not required. Wait, scratch that last one. Wine stains give the haggadah character.

See? I’m not asking much. Just… a haggadah.

5 thoughts on “Wanted…

  1. Do you know Elyse Goldstein? Kolel once had a Pesach program where she & her husband did a hagaddah review. It was amazing! They know everything there is to know. If you know her, maybe call her.

    Whatever you do, don’t go with Artscroll. 😮

  2. p.s. I have always been impressed by our Prince of Egypt Haggadah. Bought it for the cool graphics, many from the film, but it turned out to be a decent, approachable translation, serious traditional text (it’s from the O-U), a few commentaries here and there to generate discussion, but not so much as to be distracting. I think it’s out of print now, but you could try finding them in town somewhere. This is the one I grab when I’m exhausted and the intellectual haggadahs start to blur…

    For an easier find, you could try A Different Night, the compact edition:
    There’s also a leaders’ guide, but it probably doesn’t add anything you don’t already know. I have the full version of this one (bought it at the aforementioned Kolel event), too, and despite its hippyish veneer, I enjoy it.

    Also at my place at the seder table:
    – Artscroll (bleh)
    – Artscroll Children’s (marginally better, nice big text)
    – Breslov
    – Little Midrash Says Haggadah
    – Nechama Leibowitz Haggadah
    – The Haggadah with Answers
    – The Animated Haggadah
    hmm… I’m sure I’m missing a few; could have sworn there were more. 😉

  3. HAHA- just scrolling down and seeing this.
    This is the precise Haggadah that I have banned in my family!
    Ok- you are inspiring me. Next year we WILL have new, personalized, haggadot!

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