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Work-in-Progress Wednesday – March 30 edition

Gee, it’s Wednesday already? I’d hardly have known, what with the oozing eyes and the coughing and the general ick that has descended on our house. Did any of you guys put a pox on my house? ‘Cause seriously, this pox sucks. Maybe next time just leave a flaming comment, ok?

Time marches on, and fortunately I managed to finish last week’s WIP pretty early in the week. Was I the only productive one? I felt so lonely as the only WIP Wednesday participant… please join me this week. Misery procrastination hates company!

If you do want to participate, leave me a comment with a link to your own blog. In your blog post, try to include the following:

  1. What you want to accomplish this week.
  2. A “before” picture, if possible.
  3. A link back to this post, so people can find other WIP Wednesday projects.

And then next week, you get to post “after” pictures and brag about your productivity!

Completed: Play Mat!

As I mentioned last week, I wanted to put down our pretty playmats, but K was too fond of taking them apart. Paths of polka dots were strewn everywhere. I finally got smart and applied the stereotypical Canadian solution: duct tape!

Here’s a pic of the taped-together edges and seams:

And here’s a pic of the play area now:

The duct tape worked beautifully! The mats aren’t coming apart when we walk on them, or when N squirms a lot. K doesn’t try taking out the dots anymore since they don’t come easily. And my living room now has a soft, pretty place to play that doesn’t clash with the decor.

FYI – if you need duct tape for a decor or craft project, check the big-box craft store for Duck Tape. It comes in a bajillion colours.

Work in Progress: To Maternity and Beyond!

I’m going to out myself now. I’m pregnant. Apparently a history of infertility, poor IVF fertilization rates, and exclusive breastfeeding do NOT combine to form an effective contraceptive strategy. Who knew?

As a result, I need some maternity jeans. Not satisfied with the fit of the jeans from the maternity stores, I converted a pair of Bluenotes with the help of a couple of internet tutorials. The results looked awesome. I wore those jeans so frequently that I wore them out! So here I am with a new pair of fabulous jeans and some t-shirt material, ready to convert another pair of jeans.

No before picture this time, but imagine me in a pair of regular jeans with the zip unzipped and the button being held to the button hole with a hair elastic. Classy, no?


To recap: Duck Tape good. Retail maternity jeans bad. You need to choose a project for this week, post it on your blog, and join WIP Wednesdays!

7 thoughts on “Work-in-Progress Wednesday – March 30 edition

  1. It’s already Saturday, but my goal is to finish the cabinets for a friend. The horse trailer is a work in progress (haha), so it will most likely be the subject of many WiPs.

    p.s. Congrats on #3. This is a sign that I apparently need to go back to EB and catch up! 🙂

    1. Do you have a blog or somewhere that you can post about your work? Otherwise I’d be happy to post your before-and-afters here for you…

      And I haven’t been on EB in years. Sigh.

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