I’ve never really liked pink all that much…

by Decemberbaby

K has pinkeye. A really, really bad case of pinkeye.

She was fine when she woke up this morning, and then at lunchtime she came home looking a little tired around the eyes. We sent her to bed. An hour later she was up, eyes weeping sticky yellow tears that started looking disgustingly like snot.

Thankfully, the doctor was willing to fit us in at the last minute and we’ve now got her on two kinds of antibiotics. The doctor said this was the worst case she’s seen in a long time. Amazing how it only came on in a matter of hours.

We were going to my parents’ house tonight, and to a neighbourhood potluck tomorrow. I think we’ll be staying away from both now that K’s highly contagious. I think my left eyeball might even be itchy.

Off to disinfect everything now. Shabbat Shalom.


One Comment to “I’ve never really liked pink all that much…”

  1. now my eyes are itchy. what’s the gestation period on pink eye?

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