Penguin costume!

by Decemberbaby

Happy Purim, everyone!

This year, inspired by the movie Happy Feet, K decided she wanted to dress up as a penguin. Here she is:














Want to be a penguin too? You’ll need:

  • a large black t-shirt (Mr. December donated an old shirt for the cause)
  • a second black t-shirt, tank top, or some stretchy black fabric
  • a triangle of yellow felt
  • some elastic (I poached some from an old fitted sheet)
  • a piece of white fabric (felt or fleece works best if you’re not sewing, but I used the aforementioned sheet)

What to do:

  1. Have the child model the t-shirt for you. Place pins or chalk marks to indicate how big the wrist openings should be (at the end of the t-shirt sleeves). Also, use chalk to mark the approximate area that will be the penguin’s white belly.
  2. Turn the t-shirt inside out. Using the marks or pins from earlier as a guide, draw a wing-like shape on the underside of the arm, from the side seam of the shirt to the end of the sleeve. Sew along this line, then cut off the excess fabric. Turn the shirt right-side out.
  3. Draw and cut out a large white oval for the penguin’s belly. Sew or glue it to the front of the t-shirt.
  4. Make a small slit in the bottom hem of the t-shirt. Put a safety pin through the end of the elastic, and feed the elastic into the slit, through the entire bottom hem (i.e. all around the shirt), and out again. Decide how tight you want it to be, pull the elastic to that length, tie a secure knot, and cut off the excess. Now the t-shirt will be gathered around the bottom.
  5. Measure around your kid’s head. Cut a rectangle of stretchy fabric about 2 feet long, with a width a couple of inches smaller than your kid’s head circumference. Sew the long sides together to make a tube.
  6. Take the felt triangle and fold it along the midline. Sew a seam a bit in from the fold. It will keep the beak in shape.
  7. Cut a length of elastic to hold the beak on. Sew the ends to the corners of the beak.

Voila! You’ve got yourself a penguin costume! Wear the t-shirt over a pair of black pants, wear the tube over your head and neck (like a hood or a hijab), and put the beak over your nose.

Oh, and don’t forget to waddle.


2 Comments to “Penguin costume!”

  1. That’s great!!! I love it! I spent hours raiding the t-shirts aisle at Value Village when the big kids were little making 2-shirt costumes of various kinds (did you know… a black turtleneck with surprisingly few modifications can be wrapped around the head and tied at the back and an ordinary kid looks just like a ninja?). 🙂

  2. p.s. That would probably make a cool craft book, if you ever want to write one in your spare time: “Two-shirt costumes”

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