DST: Daylight Savings Tantrum

by Decemberbaby

Okay, so K was tired to begin with. A trip downtown on the subway followed by an hour in the park will do that to a kid. But whoa, did I not expect the tantrum we had today.

“K, it’s time for dinner. Come to the table, please.”

“But I don’t wanna… we’re not supposed to eat dinner in the DAYTIME! We’re only supposed to eat dinner in the NIGHTTIME!”

“Sweetie, it is nighttime. It’s dinnertime. But the clocks got changed, remember, and the sun is going to stay up later in the evenings now.”


Look, I’ll spare you the seventeen repetitions of this exchange, in slightly different words each time, and each time with a more frantic response from K. Daylight Savings Time is totally lost on her.

It’s going to be a loooong summer.


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