Take public opinion polls with a grain of salt.

by Decemberbaby


DB: Hello?

Lady: Hello, am I speaking with Decemberbaby?

DB: Uh, yes.

Lady: I’m calling on behalf of [insert some polling company’s name here] and we’d like to ask whether you would consider voting for the federal Conservative party in the next election?

DB: When is the next election?

Lady: Well, none has been called yet, but we-

DB: Don’t you think this question is a bit premature, then?

Lady: Ma’am, it’s just a public opinion poll.

DB: Oh, fine. Could you please repeat the question?

Lady: Would you consider voting for the Conservative party in the next federal election?

DB: Would I consider it? If I was a halfway informed voter I’d have to at least consider each party before making a decision, wouldn’t I? So, yeah, if you’re sure you want to word the question that way… I suppose the answer is yes, I’d consider it.

Lady: Thank you. And what issues would you like to see prime minister Harper work on during his time in office?

DB (now very tired, giggly, and slightly irritated): Listen, unless he’s putting together a social program to teach my kid to use the potty, I really don’t care what he does.

Lady: Oh, I’ve been there, dearie. You just have yourself a good night.



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