Menu plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday – March 7 edition

We’re a kosher family of four (one of whom is a baby). I try my best to cook large batches and freeze for later.

Good gracious, I haven’t done this in a while. Let’s see what I can cook up:

Monday – Mommy playdate at a friend’s house. Orzo with walnuts and goat cheese, apparently.

Tuesday – Crockpot beef stew

Wednesday – Vegetarian Lasagna, garlic breadsticks, caesar salad

Thursday – Lentil soup, Israeli salad with feta, pita, falafel

Friday – Challah, Carrot-ginger soup, baked chicken, roast potatoes, broccoli

Saturday – Breakfast for dinner – scrambled eggs with feta, bagels, cream cheese, grapefruit

Sunday – Chicken sandwiches on rosemary foccacia, aioli, grilled eggplant and sweet onions

So there’s the plan. My fridge is completely empty (a four-week absence apparently does that to a kitchen), so it’s going to be a huge grocery trip this week. Off I go to make the list.

If you need more menu planning inspiration, check out the other bloggers at Organizing Junkie.

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