changing of the guard

by Decemberbaby

Mr. December has now joined us on our island. So have his parents (yep, the in-laws). My mom leaves today.

I’ve become accustomed, these last few weeks, to being the “good cop” – my mum is pretty old-school. Now I’m suddenly the bad cop again, with Mr. December the good cop and the in-laws barely qualified to be rent-a-cops. All things considered, I’d rather be the good cop. It’s tiring always having to be the vigilant one.

In good news, K has been wearing panties since our last post (except when she’s sleeping) and we’ve only had one or two accidents. I’m thoroughly impressed with her. She’s even woken up dry the past couple of mornings and run to the potty on her own. Now, if I could just dissuade her from emptying the potty into the toilet by herself, I’d have it made. As it is I have to mop the bathroom floor a few times a day so it doesn’t smell like a public men’s room.

I wanted to include some recent photos, but this connection is taking too long to upload them. Picture us on the beach, our colourful diapers waving on the line at our apartment, and K building huge towers of blocks.


One Comment to “changing of the guard”

  1. I take it the in-laws don’t read the blog??? 😉
    Great news about the panties. Colourful dipes are one thing; big girl underpants, totally another!

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