Confusion my backside!

by Decemberbaby

Have you ever heard someone say, “once you put your kid in underwear, don’t go back to diapers – it confuses them!”? Well, I’m here to call bullshit. The kid is not confused. The kid knows exactly when he can get away with peeing on the spot.

We’ve been trying to potty-train K for a while now. When we got down here my mum started encouraging her to go to the potty frequently, promising K that she’d be allowed to wear panties when she could keep her pull-up dry all day. It never happened… but something else did. I noticed that K never peed herself when she was naked. So we let her run naked, and sure enough, she ran to the potty every time she had to pee. Then we put her in a pull-up for a long-ish road trip, and – like magic – the pull-up was full of pee by the time we got to our destination. My mum is more squeamish than I, but I insisted that the only way we’d make any progress was by nixing the pull-ups during all waking hours.

So far K’s been wearing her polka-dotted big-girl panties all day, with no accidents. No confusion. Pull-ups = pee, panties = keep ’em dry. Take that, conventional wisdom!


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