Menu plan Monday · our month out of the country

Menu Plan Monday – February 7 edition

Another Monday, another menu plan. We’re on “vacation” this week (it’s never a vacation with two little kids, unless you have childcare. Anyhow, this week we’re planning meals for two adults (me and my mom) and two kids, one of whom only eats babyfood… so one kid, really. And we’re far from home, on a tropical island, so the options for produce are different but limited. Did you know that the papaya trees had a disease four years ago and still haven’t bounced back? I’m really missing all that fresh papaya for breakfast.

Anyhow, here’s the plan for this week:

Monday – Dinner at aunty’s house. Leftover lamb, pumpkin fritters, and a sadly unripe papaya.

Tuesday – Quiche with tomato, onion, and New Zealand cheddar. Crispy flatbreads. Israeli salad.

Wednesday – Roast chicken, brown rice, broccoli

Thursday – Chicken sandwiches on focaccia, baby carrots

Friday – Shabbat dinner at aunty’s. I’m making challah.

Saturday – I think we’ll go out. Either pizza at Cheffette, grilled fish at Just Grilling, or something at Mulligans, which is a lot closer to home.

Sunday – Homemade burgers, pumpkin mash, sweet potato oven fries.

… so that’s it. What are you eating this week? If you’re stuck for ideas, go check out some of the other bloggers over at Organizing Junkie

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