We made it!

by Decemberbaby

Here we are, on my little island in the sun. The flight was okay (more to come on that tomorrow), but then we had a hell of an evening with the kids and ultimately a terrible day on Thursday as well. Friday and today have been a lot better – a lot more relaxed – and I’m starting to see a negative correlation between mood and the amount of clothing the kids are wearing. They both spent an hour this morning lying on the grass in the shade, stark naked, staring at the clouds. It’s heavenly.

Some things you can be looking forward to hearing about:

  • my thoughts during the flight
  • the synagogue (and newly discovered mikveh) on this island
  • half-assed homeschooling – or not
  • more Montessori musings

… and, of course, lots of pictures. I hope I don’t get busted for kiddie p*r.n, because the kids often don’t wear a stitch of clothing. I’m starting to wonder why I packed clothes for them at all.


One Comment to “We made it!”

  1. Yay, I was so worried you wouldn’t get away this week. Looking forward to all those thoughts and more…

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