Canceled due to snow?

by Decemberbaby

Well, I don’t know about my airplane yet. We may yet fly out of here tomorrow.

But tomorrow’s regularly scheduled post, Work-in-Progress Wednesday, might be canceled due to snow. Actually, lack thereof. If we don’t fly out tomorrow, I’ll post. If we do, you might not hear from me for a couple of days.

Don’t worry, I’ll be typing up tons of posts so that when I get some free WiFi, I’ll be able to set up some scheduled posting.

In the meantime, stay safe and warm. Oh, and leave me comments on your favourite posts. I love comments.


One Comment to “Canceled due to snow?”

  1. Thinking UPLIFTING thoughts… I think it’s hype, personally. Meanwhile, Ted’s work is cancelled (unprecedented!) and Elisheva’s school sent out an email that the entire BJE has shut down (also unprecedented, in the 10 years I’ve had kids in BJE schools).

    So we’ll see. If it’s hype, Bistro Grande will be packed with “vacationers” at lunchtime tomorrow (that’s where I’m planning to be if it doesn’t snow too much…)!

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