Menu plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday – January 31 edition

This is a strange week for us, since we’re leaving on Wednesday for a month in warmer climes. I’ve planned today’s and tomorrow’s dinners… everything else is just a guess, at best.

Monday – Moroccan grilled chicken breasts and citrus-nut couscous (I STILL haven’t had a chance to make it, even though it’s been on my MPM post for the past two weeks at least!)

Tuesday – Brisket, mashed potatoes, and broccoli

Wednesday – Willing to bet we’ll be invited to eat dinner at my aunt’s house. Usually some kind of meat with gravy, and either rice or mashed breadfruit.

Thursday – Probably dinner at Just Grillin’ : grilled fish or chicken, grilled veg, salad

Friday – Shabbat dinner at aunty’s house. Chicken soup, egg ‘n’ onion, some kind of main course. I’ll bake challah. Dessert at synagogue after services.

Saturday – I’ve got a hankerin’ for pizza from Chefette.

Sunday – I’ll probably push for a bigger lunch, maybe at Flying Fish, and then breakfast for dinner: French toast and fruit.

Wow, and that’s it! What are you eating this week? If you’re stuck for ideas, go check out some other menu plans over at

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