Advice on adapting to your environment

by Decemberbaby

Dear Snarky Advice Lady,

Our home has a steeply sloped driveway which gets very slippery in the winter. We were trying to get a young family member back to her home as per our arrangement, but neither of our cars (one over a decade old with no winter tires, the other with rear-wheel-drive) could make it up the driveway from the garage. It’s almost the little girl’s bedtime. What should we do?

Confused in Canada


Dear Confused,

You should definitely shrug your shoulders in defeat and ask the girl’s mother to get her baby out of bed and drive over to get her daughter. And then you should hunker down in your home and wait for the spring thaw. Heaven knows that applying road salt or sand to the driveway would require too much foresight – you’d have to know both that you were expected to bring the kid home and that your driveway is slippery when there’s ice on the ground – and putting winter tires on your cars is just stupid when you live somewhere it snows as little as it does in much of Canada. No, you did the right thing. Don’t forget to apologize profusely – it’s the only way the mother will forgive your shameful lack of common sense and planning ahead.



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