What a haul!

by Decemberbaby

I went shopping today. The local used kids’ clothing store was having a clearance sale, so I picked up a bunch of clothes, mostly in next year’s sizes since the clearance was mainly on fall and winter stuff. Have a look:

I bought:

  • 2 pairs of crocs*
  • 2 sets of overalls
  • Rugby shirt & corduroy pants set
  • 1 Sweatsuit
  • 2 summer rompers
  • 1 waffle-knit onesie
  • 1 pr shorts
  • 1 hoodie t-shirt
  • 1 pr turquoise cords
  • 1 striped hoodie sweater*
  • 1 puffy vest (fleece-lined)*
  • 1 pr. jeans*
  • 1 suction-cup toy (perfect for entertaining N at restaurants on our trip)*
  • egg shaker and bell rattle*

The stuff with an asterisk (*) was regular price. Everything else cost 1 dollar. With the exception of the green sweatsuit and blue romper, everything looks new. So, for 20 items I paid a grand total of… $50.

I might even try secondhand clothes-shopping for myself one of these days.



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