Work in Progress Wednesday – January 26

by Decemberbaby

Wow, it’s Wednesday again? Already?

I must say, being accountable to my readers definitely helped me this week. What I really wanted to do, of course, was reorganize the spare room into a quiet reading room… which I did, sort of. But I couldn’t report back to you all and say that I didn’t finish what I said I would, right? So I abandoned the reading room for now, and finished the baby blanket. Thanks for keeping me honest.

If you’d like a crowd to cheer you on, why not join Work in Progress Wednesday? Just use the Linky tool to enter your link and view everyone else’s works in progress.

And now, what you all came here to see…

Completed: Baby Blanket

This one took me about two hours. I’m obviously getting lazy – I used to applique the kid’s entire name, but these days I prefer to do one large initial. Anyhow, the turtle fabric is a jersey knit (t-shirt material) and the other side is something deliciously cuddly. Here it is, all folded up and getting ready to be gift-wrapped:

In Progress: the reading room

I don’t have a “before” picture, and I’m feeling too tired and lazy to take an “in progress” picture. But by next Wednesday, I plan to have done the following:

  1. put the slipcover back on the sofabed
  2. mounted a wall light in K’s reading corner
  3. backed up my old iMac and prepared it for use by K
  4. found, built, or adjusted a chair to the correct height for the kiddie table

That’s it. I’ll have pics for next week, I promise. And after that I’m going on vacation, so you can expect my works-in-progress to be more along the lines of portable projects – scrapbooking, perhaps, or writing some new songs (I haven’t done any songwriting in years), or maybe some garden planning.


One Comment to “Work in Progress Wednesday – January 26”

  1. Nice! Just the initial on the blanket is very classy – plus, it gives the family the option to reuse the same first letter for their next kid, just so they can use the blankie again. “These are our kids: Esti, Eli and Edgar – no, we didn’t particularly love the name, we just had to think of another ‘E.'”

    (if you get super-lazy, just use the last-name initial: “this gender-neutral ‘M’ blanket is for the current and any future MacLeods!”)

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