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Cute food

So here’s my thing… I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and I love making things pretty, and I hate doing tedious or uncreative things. Really. Sew a new blanket? Right away! Fold the laundry? Nope. Build a bed? Let me get my drill! Dust the furniture we already have? In your dreams. You get the idea.

As a mom, I have to feed my kids. It’s kind of part of the deal. I have to make some kind of lunch for K regardless of how I’m feeling about it. You can imagine how I feel, I’m sure, when most of what’s on her plate gets returned to me at the end of mealtime. It’s not that she doesn’t like the food that’s being offered. It’s that she inevitably gets distracted by something more creative or fun, and just like that she’s finished with her lunch (gee, I wonder whom she resembles? Yes, sweetheart, mummy loved sewing and was all excited about sewing you a hat, but now mummy has a jigsaw and a pocket-hole jig and really wants to do carpentry).

Anyhow, as I was saying… I needed to find a way to make lunch more fun and creative for me to make, and more fun and attractive for K to eat. As with all my other problems, I turned to Google… and discovered bento lunches. Some are simpler than others, but the idea is the same: to pack a box full of colourful (i.e. attractive and nutritious), beautifully displayed food. The food needs to be packed in such a way that if the box is shaken, dropped, or thrown, the beautiful arrangement will not be disturbed.

Armed with a few silicone muffin cups, some tiny cookie cutters, and a couple of plain-Jane plastic containers, I’ve been honing my craft. I had quite a few pictures to share with you, and then my computer died with all my photos on it. So here are some very recent bento lunches I’ve made. Enjoy!

The idea was nice, but it looks kind of boring. Soy-butter sandwich, baby carrots, red pepper slice, elephant-cut strawberry, elephant-cut kiwi, blueberries.
One of K's lunches. Homemade chicken fingers, cucumber slices, strawberry, grapes, animal-cut peppers under cucumber-and-pepper puzzle.
Just made this one tonight. Greek salad, flower-cut veggie puzzle, cucumber divider, baby corn, red kidney beans, tricolour pasta, grapes. I love how the pasta looks a bit floral.
One of Mr. December's lunches. Edamame in a red pepper, cheddar cheese cubes, wholegrain bread, blueberries, elephant-cut kiwi.

Look at all the pretty colours! Bento for Mr. December, served with a side package of ramen. Greek salad, cucumber slice divider, baby corn, broccoli, crinkle cut carrots, and grapes. Later I added a tiny little bottle of tabasco.