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Menu Plan Monday – January 10 edition

Well, here I go. Usually I scrawl a menu plan on the back of a scrap of paper that’s already been liberally decorated with stickers and pencil scribbles. From now on, I hope to participate in Menu Plan Monday in a desperate bid to a) have it written down in a place it can’t possibly get lost, and b) commit publicly to menu planning.

I’m cooking for three right now: my husband and I, and our three-year-old daughter K. I don’t offer her anything different from what we’re eating – I’m a mom, not a short-order cook – but with the exception of one moderately-spicy dish, that doesn’t affect my menu planning.

We eat kosher, and therefore you won’t find any meals here that combine meat with dairy products. Also, no meals involving pork or pork products, or shellfish (actually, you won’t find any fish here because I can’t stand the taste). I do try to cook at least two full meals at once, so that I can take a break from cooking every so often.

OK, here we go…

Monday – Dinner at a friend’s house

Tuesday – Turkey breast roast (frozen from a few weeks ago), sweet potatoes, broccoli

Wednesday – Veggie stew (in the crockpot), fresh baguette (from a parbaked frozen loaf)

Thursday – Carrot-ginger soup (frozen from last week), turkey sandwiches on home-baked focaccia

Friday – Shabbat dinner at home! Chicken soup with noodles, home-baked challah, vegetarian kishka, and a noodle kugel. (I know, no protein, but hey – it’s Shabbat. Live a little!)

Saturday – Homemade pizza

Sunday – Breakfast for dinner: scrambled eggs with feta cheese, wholegrain toast, orange wedges, breakfast potatoes

There, that wasn’t so bad! Now… what are you cooking?

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – January 10 edition

  1. Oh gosh, this puts me to shame. We have chicken, turkey, fish, or beef virtually every night….But then again, my husband is from Alberta, so he might have a heart attack if there wasn’t some kind of flesh on the plate…

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