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Putting it all together…

All joking aside now.

The three pictures I posted a few days ago are from…


… our day at the museum. Allow me to explain:

We had free passes to the ROM that I got as AirMiles rewards. We decided we’d take K and check out the child-friendliness of the place now that the renovations are a distant memory (although the place still looks like a Borg ship crashed into a perfectly lovely old building). I was determined to make this as cheap an outing as possible, so I packed K a bento lunch:

Clockwise from top left: grape tomatoes, juice box, edamame with cheddar cheese teddy bear, crackers with more bears, clementine, round pretzels.


Upon our arrival, we went straight to the kids’ discovery area. K and Mr. December looked for dinosaur bones…

… and then K and N tried on the costumes of different civilizations and eras:

We also went through the bat cave at least three times. K kept coming out of the cave and enthusing, “I want to do that again! Can we go again? I’m not scared.” And so “go again” we did.

On exiting the bat cave, we found ourselves in the “flight” exhibit. K immediately got to work opening all the specimen drawers to look at feathers, eggs, and other detrius of avian life. Idly opening a drawer, Mr. December found this gem:

The nest of the black-necked weaver.

He immediately photographed it, intending to send it to Failblog or Maxim. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what has caused so much speculation and (dare I say?) intrigue. A bird’s nest.

So all in all, a highly successful outing was had. K ate her whole bento, except for the cute teddy bear cheese… she doesn’t like cheese, and all the cuteness in the world apparently won’t help that. I’ll just have to use those teddy bear cookie cutters for fruits and veggies from now on.

2 thoughts on “Putting it all together…

  1. Sounds like a fun day.

    I am disappointed, though. How could such a phallic item be a bird’s nest? I live with a bunch of parrots, and though they are incredibly smart and do have a sense of humor, I don’t think they are clever enough to build a phallus.

    I really *wanted* it to be a phallus-shaped loofah.

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