If laughter is the best medicine…

by Decemberbaby

… then I’d have to say that FosterAbba’s comment about the “phallic loofah” pushed me over the line from “mostly ok, but I’d still rather sit on the couch” to “I’m fine, and I’m just going to emptythedishwasher-andmakesomesoup-andsomefreshbread-andwaitI’lljustrundowntogetthelaundry-andheylet’sprepfortomorrow’sdinnertoo…”

(on a separate note, do you know how hard it is to type without using the space bar?)

But really, I was hoping for more audience participation. The three photos in the last post are all related. Can anybody guess how? And what is that thing in the third picture?


One Comment to “If laughter is the best medicine…”

  1. You mean it ISN’T a phallic loofah?

    Are these all things you made? Bought at a new awesome store? Got on Etsy?

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